Mother and Child

I finished this painting a few days ago. I really enjoyed working on it. The photograph doesn't capture all the details, but I think the spirit of the piece speaks through it. This character and her child remind me of the deep gratitude and grief I feel for the people who called Montana home for hundreds of years before my ancestors came here.

size: 11 X 14 inches



The Tulip Tree

size: 9.25" x 6"

In honor of the website's debut I'll be giving away this original art piece entitled The Tulip Tree. If you want a chance to win it simply leave a comment with your name on it. On June 6th I'll put all the names in a hat and give the painting to the person whose name I pull. It could be you! I'll continue giving away art in the coming months so stay tuned.


*update* The drawing has been compteted. The winner will be announced June 7th.


Something Like Spring

size: 9.25" x 12"

This piece pushed up out of me like the grass when we were have a few very fine days here in Montana. I felt like after a winter of using brown white and grey paint, a great need for green. The figure in the painting came to me in my sketch book one evening while I was drawing, and I liked her a lot. There is texture in the paining due to paper I collaged underneath. The part under the bird looks kind of like duct tape, but it's wall paper.


Just a Moment

size: 9.25" x 12"

I had a lot of fun creating this piece. I started working on it at the Drawing Circle for teens, which I facilitate each week. The image of the tree came home with me. It is drawn on paper with ink and colored pencil. The child and butterfly are as well. I used adhesive to apply them to the landscape which has a familiar look to it if you've been to Missoula. The sun is made from a chocolate bar wrapper.


Child in Snow 2

size: 8.25" x 6.25"

I recently finished the second in a series of paintings called Child in Snow. This piece is part illustration and part painting. It is painted on top of a collage, on top of a discarded children's book cover. It is small, 8 by 6 inches. I dedicate this to my mother, who's work is to now recreate her childhood as a beautiful thing, and who I love very much.