Another image of the doll Malaika

The doll named MALAIKA sitting in the sun.


Healing with Art

I recently finished my second doll. Having learned a lot the first time through, making another one was fun and I tried some new things. I was determined that this doll would have bangs and even though I didn't have any instructions on making them, I made it work.I had a breakthrough with my sewing machine on this project. The last doll I had stitched by hand and this one I did almost entirely on the machine. This is a big threshold for me because I was totally intimidated by this machine last month, and now we are becoming friends. 


Something Sew new......

I am finding my art life gaining dimension. I am learning new skills and having a lot of fun going to a deeper place with my creativity. I am pretty certain that the next time you see me you'll be pulling thread off of my clothes.


Trust Landing

Well Friends, here is the new piece as promised. I had a difficult time getting a good image of it with my camera, parts of it are blurry, but I think you can get the feeling of it here. If you want to see it in person, just let me know. It is titled Trust Landing. It is my fist piece of visual art work since January - a long dry spell. Although as I reflect on the last half of a year I understand that it was also a fertile time with lots of life happening, and I believe that lots of life creates art that touches people and brings us in relationship with art.


Grief, Marriage, creativity, and Thich Nhat Hahn...

I am keenly aware that I haven't posted anything to this blog in a long time, believe me.  My art studio has recently been dusted and all the crap that I piled onto my work desk for months has been removed to reveal the emptiness underneath it, which brought up a surprising little feeling of sadness in me. I took a some time to care for this little sadness and avoided my impulse to analyze it.