Barn, Girl, Flower

This picture holds the remnants of summer, which are dwindling away in Montana. It is the perfect memento for a summer well enjoyed, or a summer missed. Perhaps both. I finished it a couple of days ago. I've been gathering elements for it all summer. I drew the girl at my teen art group. I found the barn in abandoned warehouse yard, photographed it, then drew it. The background being the last part. As many of my pieces; it is on the back of an old book. There is a collage underneath it, but as far as I can tell you can't see it.


Sophia Rising

size: 11" x 8.25

My sister Sophia is turning 11 this week. It seems like just yesterday she was born. I made this piece for her, as a reminder that yes, beauty, and yes, magic, and yes difficulty, and yes confusion. I only have a few pieces of art remaining in my life since childhood. I cherish them, they bring back not only memories but emotion and an understanding of art though time and in one's life. I hope that Sophia will be able to reflect on this picture through her journey.