Child in Snow 2


size: 8.25" x 6.25"

I recently finished the second in a series of paintings called Child in Snow. This piece is part illustration and part painting. It is painted on top of a collage, on top of a discarded children's book cover. It is small, 8 by 6 inches. I dedicate this to my mother, who's work is to now recreate her childhood as a beautiful thing, and who I love very much.


Babbs (not verified)

I am delighted to be the subject & I love the little bird! You are gifted with great imagination & talent! A great combination.Thankyou Ria!

Sean (not verified)

Tag! You're it.

Luke (not verified)

 I think this is my favorite.  The texture of winter and the necessary clothes really stand out.  There is something playful about winter that is inviting and relaxing. thanks.

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